- Bachelor's degree in psychology

- Successfully passing the stages of the competition

One year

  • Certificate of successful completion of studies

Associate Professor Nana Gogichashvili

Psychoconsultation certification course


For whom it is intended:

  • For psychologists who want to improve the theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary for the production of psycho-counseling.
  • For psychology graduate students who want to start their career as counseling psychologists, choose a specific specialization and gain valuable practical experience.


Course content:


  1. Psycho-consultation - essence, goals, objectives, possibilities and limits.

  2. Establishing initial contact with the client and working alliance
  3. Ethical and legal aspects of psychological counseling
  4. Interviewing
  5. Psychology of personality development and age crises
  6. Psychoconsultation of children and adolescents
  7. Adult counseling
  8. Consultative diagnosis
  9. Family counseling
  10. Group and individual counseling
  11. Case organization
  12. Main psychotherapeutic currents
  13. Review of cases


Hourly load: 

Theory and methodology + work on literature – 281 academic hours

A bilingual (Georgian-English) certificate is issued.

As a result of the course:

  • Will acquire quality knowledge and effective skills necessary for the production of psycho-consulting
  • You will be able to differentiate the needs of the client
  • You will be able to outline the client's problem
  • You will be able to make effective recommendations tailored to the client
  • You will help clients to set and achieve their goals
  • You will help clients to build their resource situation and improve their quality of life
  • You will be able to work in private and public organizations, where you will provide psychological support to service personnel
  • Optionally, you will have a private practice
  • You will be able to counsel people in different directions (family counseling; child and adolescent counseling, adult counseling, etc.)
  • You will create and/or significantly improve the professional practice, the number of satisfied clients will increase, the loyalty will increase
  • You will deepen your professional confidence and satisfaction - you will learn effective ways of conducting psycho-counseling.
  • You will achieve personal and professional self-reflection, develop the ability of self-regulation
  • You will be able to provide psychological help to people of different ages
  • You will expand your professional circle

Head of the program:

Nana Gogichashvili - Professor, Doctor of Psychology, Head of the "Professional Skills in Psychology" Program of the International Academy of Mental Health and Integrative Psychotherapy

Program Coordinator: 

Mariam Gochadze – psychotherapist (ECIP integrated approach); Master of Clinical Psychology; Member of the European Association of Integrative Psychotherapy (EAIP) and psychotherapist


The cost of each month of study in the program is 270 GEL


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2023 – 2024 სასწავლო წლის წლიური ღირებულებაა 3600 ლარი


For more information, contact us:

598 53 53 88

Address: Kostava 47/57



Program trainers

Nana Gogichashvili

Head of the program "Professional Skills in Psychology". Associate professor, author of numerous scientific works. 25 years of experience in scientific-research work and lecturing activities in different universities of Georgia. The field of scientific interest is current issues of child, adolescent and adult psychology, psychotherapy and psychoconsultation.

Nino Kobakhidze,

Head of the program "Mental Health Educational Programs for Georgia". Board member of the Georgian Federation of Psychotherapy. Member of the scientific-research committee of the European Psychotherapy Association. European Certificate of Integrative Psychotherapist (ECIP).

Ekaterine Darsania

Head of the Ethics Committee of the Georgian Federation of Psychotherapy. Master of Medical Psychology. ECIP Certified Integrative Psychotherapist.

Founder of Family Crisis Overcoming and Rehabilitation Center.

18 years of work experience in non-governmental and non-governmental sector. Since 2014, she has been engaged in active psychotherapeutic practice.

Mariam Gochadze

ECIP certified psychotherapist, Head of the scientific-research direction of the Georgian Federation of Psychotherapy of the national umbrella of psychotherapy. 

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