About the organization

The International Academy of Mental Health and Integrative Psychotherapy is a non-governmental organization that has prioritized establishing the best international practices in education and research in mental health sciences in Georgia.

Under the motto "Qualified Psychotherapeutic Education in Georgia", the Academy brings together a team of Georgian and foreign experts who create and lead aothoring programs with European accreditation in integrated psychotherapy and mental health sciences.

The mission of the organization is the complete sectoral integration of the Georgian psychotherapeutic space with the European educational standard.

The Academy is the only EAPTI (Accredited European Institute of Psychotherapy) institution from Georgia and also represents Georgia in the European wide accreditation organization, the European Association of Integrative Psychotherapy.

The main goals of the Academy are

  • Promoting the development of education mainly in the human and psychological sciences.
  • Development, implementation and introduction of programs for the study of scientific directions of mental health and emotional well-being;                                                                                                                                                                                               
  • Raising the qualifications of persons working in priority areas.                                                                                                                                                                                                       
  • Development, implementation and improvement of the educational and qualification standard of psychotherapy                                                                                                                                                                                    
  • Ensuring access to the European standard educational area at the national level.

The Academy is the only psychotherapeutic institution in Georgia that offers graduates the opportunity to obtain triple certification by direct award:

– ECP (European Certification Psychotherapist)
– ECIP (Integrated Psychotherapist of European Certification;

– Certificate of the International Academy of Mental Health and Integrative Psychotherapy.

The presence of the EAPTI institution in Georgia creates an opportunity to

– Graduates of the program can apply for the Higher European Certificate in Psychotherapy – ECP by direct award;

– Europe-wide high-standard training is confirmed by the European flagship of the field, the European Psychotherapy Association.

– Georgian specialists who obtain the appropriate certification will be integrated into international professional societies as full members;

– Graduates of EAPTI institutions enjoy a high reputation in international professional societies and their education is recognized by authoritative psychotherapy organizations.

– Graduates can receive the status of a full member in the national umbrella organization - the Georgian Federation of Psychotherapy.

– The high credibility of the EAPTI institution is confirmed by the cooperation between the World Council of Psychotherapy and the European Association of Psychotherapy worldwide.

The Academy is the only EAPTI-accredited psychotherapy training institute of the European Association of Psychotherapy from Georgia. The Academy's psychotherapeutic educational programs are accredited by the European Psychotherapy Association, which allows graduates to apply for ECP certification through direct award.

As a full and accredited member, the Academy joins the leading group of integrative psychotherapy organizations - the European Association of Integrative Psychotherapy. The Association in EAP enjoys the status of a European wide accreditation organization and ensures the implementation of the best ethical and clinical standard of integrative psychotherapy in Europe.

The Academy is part of the Georgian Professional Psychotherapy Society - the national umbrella organization of the Georgian Federation of Psychotherapy. unites under the motto "for qualified psychotherapy in Georgia" and supports full harmonization of the Georgian school of psychotherapy with the European standard of the field.

Maia Begashvili

Academic head of the organization, national delegate of the European Association of Psychotherapy in Georgia; Doctor psychotherapist with state certification of Georgia; ECP Psychotherapy European Certificate Holder, ECIP Psychotherapy European Certificate Holder; Expert of the membership committee of the European Association of Integrative Psychotherapy.

Nino Kobakhidze,

Head of the program "Mental Health Educational Programs for Georgia". Board member of the Georgian Federation of Psychotherapy. Member of the scientific-research committee of the European Psychotherapy Association. European Certificate of Integrative Psychotherapist (ECIP).

Nana Gogichashvili

Head of the program "Professional Skills in Psychology". Associate professor, author of numerous scientific works. 25 years of experience in scientific-research work and lecturing activities in different universities of Georgia. The field of scientific interest is current issues of child, adolescent and adult psychology, psychotherapy and psychoconsultation.

Liesbet Plissart

Academy invited trainer.  Chief Supervisor of the Metanoia institute in London. Psychotherapist (ECP), integrative approach, with the right to practice and supervise within the European Union (17 years of practice).

Enver Cesko

Academy guest trainer. Board member of the World Council of Psychotherapy (WCP). President of the Psychotherapy Association of Kosovo. Author of about 150 scientific articles. Member of the Board, Membership Committee and Ethics Committees of the European Association of Psychotherapy. ECP – certified psychotherapist of the European Association of Psychotherapists, WPC – certified psychotherapist of the World Association of Psychotherapy.

Nino Gurgenidze

Doctor, Psychotherapist, Clinical Director of Tbilisi Children's Infectious Disease Hospital, licensed by the State of Georgia, 2019-2020. Acad. N. Clinical marketing expert of Kipshidze Central University Clinic. 2013 - 2019 Deputy Director of Tbilisi Children's Infectious Disease Hospital in the medical field.

Anano Niauri

Legal advisor of the Academy. Doctoral student of Tbilisi State University. Master of Laws of the University of Strasbourg. Master of Law of Tbilisi State University. A lawyer of general specialization.